On April 21, 2023, Chanas Assurances was represented by Mr. Edmond Junior JEMBA our Commercial and Marketing Director in charge of the Digital Transformation of Chanas Assurances Non-Vie and Chanas Assurances Vie, at the “Cameroon Bank and Financial Services Customer Experience Forum” as one of the panelists.

This major event organized by CX Touchpoints Group in partnership with Sandsiv+ brought together customer experience professionals from the country’s leading Commercial Banks, Insurance Institutions, Fin-tech companies, Mobile Money companies, Money Transfer Agencies and Microfinance Institutions.

One of the topics discussed by our representative was how financial institutions in Cameroon can reinvent customer loyalty in the financial services sector. But are we ready to reinvent? What do we need to do to be at the top? For Chanas, this means working on the following points;
–       Personalization: If you want to deliver a specific experience, you need to use customer data to provide personalized products and services, special offers and targeted communications.
–       Implement Technologies to improve the customer experience by providing online and mobile capabilities, such as mobile apps, online portals, chatbots and account management tools.
–       Innovate your product to adapted to current customer needs, so as to stand out from the competition
–        Emotional Engagement: No strategy is implemented without considering how the customer will feel. Communication must be authentic and create a sense of community.
–       Transparency: You need to be transparent on the on the costs, terms and conditions and exclusions of insurance products and banking services.
–       You need to offer rewards for positive behavior such as purchasing a new product, referring a friend, etc. This helps to build customer loyalty.
–       Accessibility: You can be offering a service or product and your customers don’t know how to get to you. When coming up with your strategies, you need to take in to account the accessibility of your Companies. How can customers reach out to you? (Phone, email, social networks).
–       Flexibility: Companies can offer customized options for contract length, coverage levels, payment options, so as to meet customers changing needs.
–       Customers are concerned about the security of their personal and financial data. Companies must implement robust security measures to protect customer data and provide a trusted environment.
–       And last but not the least, you need to educate your customers on how to use your product.

We are committed to materializing these points to provide a unique and refreshing customer experience to our policyholders.

Special thanks to CX Touchpoints Group for taking the initiative to change the vision of customer experience in our country.