A word from the CEO

Mr. Léonce AUGOU

CHANAS ASSURANCES S.A. welcomes you to its WEB platform.

As a true reflection of our company’s digital transformation, we are pleased to present a wide range of offers to all our policyholders.

Incorporation of the company

  • Company name: Chanas Assurances S.A.
  • Institutional signature: The risk controlled, the future assured
  • Creation: On April 15, 1999, Chanas & Privat Assurances became Chanas Assurances S.A. changing its corporate purpose from insurance intermediary to insurance company.
  • Share capital: 6,051,116,000 CFA francs (six billion fifty-one thousand one hundred and sixteen CFA francs)
  • Reference shareholder:

National Hydrocarbons Company (SNH)

– Various private individuals and employees Chanas assurances S.A.

– Various private and salaried SNH

Chanas Assurances S.A. Charter

“Control your risks to ensure a better future” Our credo!!!

Our business

To design and provide solutions to our customers, companies, organizations or communities, allowing them to benefit from quality services from a network of experts and affiliated providers.

Our mission

To provide coverage to our insureds (natural or legal persons) against the financial and economic consequences related to the occurrence of a particular risk.

The offer of Chanas Assurances S.A. covers all areas of daily life for individuals and companies, at home, on the move and at work: health, vehicle fleet management, professional liability, finance and large risks, as well as public social programs.

Our values: E2C3

Our management is based on five core values:

  • Ethics
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Conviviality
  • Control


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Strategic Vision

Societies change at high speed, each with its own specificities. Faced with the changes they are experiencing, anticipating, controlling and understanding developments – demographic, social, regulatory and technological – are our concerns. This is done in order to provide efficient solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.

With a strong background in risk management, Chanas Assurances S.A. is committed to meeting the needs of its clients through innovative efforts.

With the optimization of the quality of service and our commitment, Chanas Assurances S.A. has the ambition to be at the forefront of innovation and performance through digitalization by 2023.

Our service offers

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Chanas Assurances S.A.! A
citizen insurance

Turning towards the interest of all, Chanas Assurances S.A. wishes to make the general interest and the interest of all a priority as well as its own interest.

In addition to the“modern” considerations (prioritizing the general interest and the human interest) of any so-called citizen company, Chanas Assurances S.A. is committed to more solidarity, more prevention, more commitment to the protection of vulnerable people and the environment. The implementation of this commitment is focused on four main areas, namely:


Alongside the SAWA people, Chanas Assurances S. A. accompanies the NGONDO festival on the banks of the Wouri River which is one of the great riches of traditional culture in Cameroon.


In partnership with the Digital College of Douala, Chanas has joined the national digital competition organized in several high schools and colleges.


Donations are handed out at the bedside, various free screening campaigns, such are our events in line with our social actions in health.


Chanas Assurances S. A. took part in the economic forum organized by the Elessa Lothin-Sen Foundation which was held from October 22 to 23, 2021 in the city of Kribi.

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